The Suffering Podcast

Episode 114: The Suffering of a Life Coach With Laurice Duffy

February 19, 2023 Season 3 Episode 114
The Suffering Podcast
Episode 114: The Suffering of a Life Coach With Laurice Duffy
Show Notes

The  inspiration for Laurice Duffy’s career is deeply personal. From a young age, others have turned to her for counsel and advice.  Laurice later turned innate listening and empathy skills into a career with a BA in psychology and a certification from the institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. Losing her husband Kevin after a long battle with ALS and eventual passing was a turning point in her life testing Laurice’s resolve. His illness shined a light on the limiting beliefs and behaviors held close for so long, namely fear and grasping at control. Letting go of these defense mechanisms was what ultimately unlocked Laurice’s strength to move from darkness and despair into a place of peace and fulfillment. Experiencing this transformation in herself set Laurice on a path to help others who have faced life changing circumstances take back their power so they can reimagine what’s possible, rebuild a life they love and rise up. 

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