The Suffering Podcast

Episode 106: The Suffering of Takeaways

December 25, 2022 Season 2 Episode 106
The Suffering Podcast
Episode 106: The Suffering of Takeaways
Show Notes

If we don’t learn, we stagnate and eventually die. With each new interaction in life we must pull the good and the bad in order to learn those life lessons. To carry us forward to live our best lives for another day.Some lessons are hard learned battles that take us to dark places. We watch these scenarios from a distance and try our best to avoid them. Taking the education that is Taught by those that come before us.  When we emerge from the classroom of life and our years are becoming fewer and fewer, that knowledge that we work so hard to attain will serve us In ways we could never imagine. Making us better, stronger, and more resilient. Opening our eyes and creating better human beings.

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