The Suffering Podcast

Episode 99: The Suffering of 9D9

November 06, 2022 Kevin Donaldson & Mike Failace Season 2 Episode 99
The Suffering Podcast
Episode 99: The Suffering of 9D9
Show Notes

Today we celebrate a very special milestone, the celebration of our very first cohesive episode. All the things we’ve done and all of those we’ve met all started on February 13, 2021 with the recording of episode nine, the suffering of PTSD with Mike Failace. Since then we have gone on this journey to get the message out that suffering is not to be avoided but celebrated.  In this episode you will hear the Genesis of how the podcast is and came to be as well as some very funny and behind-the-scenes stories as we walk down memory lane and talk about recording 90 episodes as partners.

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