The Suffering Podcast

Episode 85: The Suffering of Weed

July 31, 2022 Kevin Donaldson & Mike Failace Season 2 Episode 85
The Suffering Podcast
Episode 85: The Suffering of Weed
Show Notes

Several years ago the cannabis industry in New Jersey and nationwide was a big gamble. The future looked promising but the roadblocks and hurdles that needed to be overcome were numerous enlarge.  Diana McElroy was willing to take on that risk and Suffering entering into a career where the future looked bright however the lens was clouded with doubt.  Diana dove headfirst into this world and became one of the top voices and advocates of the cannabis industry. Now with her company, Higher Hig LLC, Diana has emerged as one of the leading voices inside a world that is still rock with unknowns.  Diana has a passion for her career and soon learned that if you do what you love success will follow.

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